Clinical Pilates Galway

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Clinical Pilates Galway

All Clinical Pilates classes at Galway Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre are led by a Chartered Physiotherapist.


Clinical Pilates Galway – classes we aim to further improve the flexibility, strength, muscle endurance, dynamic core stability, co-ordination, balance and motor control of our current client base as well as any newcomers.

Each participant that has not previously attended our clinic is offered a thorough medical assessment including your past medical history.

The purpose of this assessment is to create a body map to ensure new clients can achieve their goals without any risk of injury.

We also perform an initial one off session to teach you the key principles and foundation exercises from which your Pilates practice will grow.

Gaining an understanding and experience of these basic exercises is very important in the progress and continuous assessment of your programme.

From this assessment we create a bespoke program that is individually tailored to your needs and is prescribed either as a treatment progression to advance your rehabilitation or to simply to improve any of the benefits above.

Clinical Pilates is also therefore appropriate for anyone with current injuries, if you are recovering from a musculoskeletal issue and if you want to prevent recurrence of a problem.

At Galway Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre our classes run for 60 minutes and we allow a maximum of 10 participants in each class to ensure the individual programs are being followed safely and correctly while also allowing us to help you as we go!

We have towels, pillows, water and mats so all you need to bring is comfortable clothing and a smile!

Our Pilates classes run in blocks of six weeks and we charge €50 for the 6 weeks. Payment in advance is needed to secure a mat and due to high demand missed sessions cannot be brought forward to the next 6 week block.

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