Our service begins with us listening to your story and what you feel is going on from the very beginning and may go back to any childhood injuries you had.

We ask you to include any current emotional or lifestyle stressors for example sleep and stress as well as anything you are avoiding at present due to your symptoms. Together we aim to clearly define your ultimate goal in deciding to come to us as it is much easier get to the destination if we know exactly where it is!

We then proceed to a thorough physical examination and by analysing our findings in line with your story we will begin eliminating possibilities to zone in on your TRUE cause and discover what exactly is going on with you.

From this we also form specific outcome measures which we can re test after each session to demonstrate our functional improvements and guide future treatments and home plans.

These are both vital elements in preventing recurrence of your symptoms. Throughout this process we pride ourselves on our positivity, which studies prove will directly affect your results as well as educating our clients so that you feel less threatened and more empowered about what is going and how exactly together we will get you to your ultimate goal and prevent recurrence.

We then have wide variety of tools to choose from to get you feeling the best you can and through gradual exposure principles and bespoke home management plans we prevent the issue from returning – a comprehensive list can be seen in ‘Our Services’.


I have been to see Colin several times for treatment of many different injuries including neck and shoulder issues. I simply can not recommend this gentleman enough.
I was fortunate to see Colin while he was living here in Adelaide, Australia. He did a superb job with the rehabilitation of my ankle after a soccer injury. A few months later I was experiencing severe back pain after an impact injury. I explained to Colin over the phone outside of business hours the pain I was experiencing and he told me to go straight to the hospital and tell them I believe I had a collapsed lung. Colin was correct, the doctors told me I had pneumothorax and I was within an hour of losing my life. This guy pretty much saved my life. A top professional and a top gentleman!
I took Colins Pilates class in Australia and I can recommend it immensely. Colin is a great instructor and the longer I enjoyed the classes the better the benefits became. I have found not just an improvement in my low back pain and general fitness but a reduction in my knee pain as well. I’m glad to see he is taking classes again even if he left us to go home!