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Sports & Injury Rehabilitation

Exercise rehabilitation has been found to be the foundation and most successful treatment plan for almost all musculoskeletal problems.

After an injury, sports or otherwise, the risk of re-injury is much higher due to subsequent muscle inhibition and compensation, reduced range of movement and protective tone as well as balance, proprioception and biomechanical issues.

We all know people with ongoing neck or back pain, hamstring strains and ankle injuries that gone untreated have led to a decreased or diminished ability to exercise, continuing pain, frustration, time off work and overall expense.

When pain or symptom free the best way to avoid these issues is to deal with the aforementioned deficits by improving strength, movement and balance through a thorough and monitored rehabilitation program.

Pre-Operative Rehabilitation

Sample operations we rehabilitate:

  • Shoulder Pain

    – shoulder reconstruction, shoulder stabilisation, rotator cuff repairs, labral repairs, acromioplasty, manipulation, capsulotomy;

  • Elbow Pain

    – tennis elbow release, golfers elbow release;

  • Wrist & Hand Pain

    – carpal tunnel release, tendon repairs;

  • Hip Pain

    – hip replacements, hip resurfacing, labral repairs;

  • Knee Pain

    – knee replacements, ACL reconstruction, meniscus repairs, lateral release, patella tendon transfer;

  • Lower Leg Pain

    – achilles tendon repairs, fasciotomy;

  • Ankle & Foot Pain

    – ankle reconstruction, ligament repairs, arthroscopy, spur removal, bunionectomy;

  • Spine (Neck & Back) Pain

    – discectomy, micro-discectomy, laminectomy, spinal fusion/stabilisation.

Female physiotherapist inspecting her patient. Medical check at the legs in a physiotherapy center.

If together it has been decided surgical intervention is required to get you on the road to your goal the waiting period until the day of the orthopaedic intervention is an optimal time to ensure the area is as close to full range of movement and strength as possible.

Knee treatment with kinesio tape

Pre-operative rehabilitation has been proven to keep the surrounding tissues and joints healthy and strong going into the procedure which ultimately reduces your recovery time, complications and ultimately outcome post-surgery.

At Galway Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre a chartered physiotherapist will prescribe an individually tailored rehabilitation program tailored to your needs.

This program will work on our principles of ‘gradual exposure’ and through continuous objective reassessment we will ensure the injured joint or limb is as strong and moving as well as possible up to the day of your surgery.

Finally, we can prepare you for the use of mechanical aids and their use in your daily life upon leaving hospital.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Post-op rehabilitation is an essential component both of your road to recovery to optimal health and in the prevention of recurrence of your pre-surgical issues.

At Galway Physiotherapy & Wellness we have a fully functional onsite gym with structured and effective evidence-based rehabilitation to help you achieve an optimal post-operative outcome and to get you back to activity as soon as possible.

Physiotherapists at Galway Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre use a ‘gradual exposure’ centred rehabilitation structure, breaking down your post-operative exercise plan into four stages:

  • Control Symptoms;

  • Restore Movement;

  • Foundation Strengthening;

  • Activity-Specific Rehabilitation.

Senior male physiotherapist applying tape on a young female patient.

Like all aspects of our practice you will be centrally involved in the choices made during your recovery and we will objectively assess all improvements as we go to ensure you are doing as well as possible towards your ‘ultimate goal’.

Our method also allows you to work on the recovery of your injury between sessions with a custom-made exercise program.

On your return to clinic we assess your improvements
at home and go again!
At Galway Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre our Chartered Physiotherapists are experienced in post-surgical recovery and work in accordance with current orthopedic guidelines in supporting clients return to full function.
We will work closely with your GP and surgeon to ensure you are receiving the best possible post-operative care towards optimum health.
For further information on rehabilitation following orthopedic surgery and
how we get you back to you, please do not hesitate to talk to us.

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