Practice Principles

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Knowledge is Key – Understanding the stressors to your body and feeling empowered with the knowledge of what is going on will free you of the issue much quicker.

We focus an positivity – If you have no idea what is going on, are worried or emotional about the issue or how long it may take you to get better recovery time is much longer as you avoid moving in fear.

Words such as ‘disc’ and ‘arthritis’ do not help and through our education and experience we take the fear of the unknown away.

Focus on positivity and change your thinking from focusing on your ‘pain’ to achieving your ultimate goal as this is one of the keys to preventing this issue returning again and again!


Thorough Time – Our attention will be only on building rapport and getting to know you and your perspective on your situation.

Then we focus on a thorough assessment that gets to the root of the problem, educating and advising you to reduce your fears and finally the variety of treatments and improvement strategies that are specific to you.

In addition to this we have recently decided upon a maximum number of people we see both in a day and week to ensure you get us at 100% during our consultations.

We listen to your story from the very beginning as well as any emotional or lifestyle stressors and fears you have that may be contributing what is going on and preventing you improving.
We then focus on your daily life and how we can change the narrative to one of transformation and the beginning of daily improvements that gradually get you to a place of optimal health that you desire!

Road to Results – At Galway Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre we do not just treat pain, we want to be much more than simply a painkiller for our clients.

To prevent recurrence we listen to and make sense of your story from the beginning during our Wellness Guidelines and Consultation.

We look at your body like a map with many connecting routes and patterns and finally figure out why this certain mechanism is aggravating and feeling like a threat to your body.

Only by getting to this exact route cause and preventing that can we get you on the right road and stop further U-turns and break downs!

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Confidence and Control – Through gradual exposure and the constant use of outcome measures we build your self-confidence so that you exceed your expectations and play the central role in your own recovery.

Gradual exposure is a fundamental principle of our practice. By breaking each goal down into smaller measures, starting at the beginning where there is no aggravation and building steadily and consistently we reduce the threat and make it much easier to get to you end goal. It is brilliant!

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