Workplace Wellness & Holistic Health Seminars

Colin & Claire host and speak at their Galway Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre Open Days which include Pilates, food, yoga, meditation and exercise talks and demonstrations.

In addition they are available for one to one as well as Workplace Wellness & Holistic Health talks and seminars.

Their sole aim is to help guide people towards better physical and mental health and happiness.

This is achieved through positivity, listening to a person’s life story including their fears, lifestyle and emotional stressors, education, goal setting and monitoring and finally exciting daily home habits and plans that together you transform as you go.

“Fantastic, practical, easy to follow sessions jam packed with handy tips. 
When researching for health professionals who could come in to help our employees’ health and happiness Colin Thornton from Galway Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre and Claire Grady of ANU Wellness came highly recommended to me and after the sessions I can see why.
I had consultation meetings to explain what I was hoping to achieve from the sessions and they came back with classes that covered all the areas with more on top. Colin & Claire both had a full-house for the sessions and the whole team were delighted with the practical, easy to follow tips they gave them.
We look forward to organising some more sessions later in the year. I would recommend that every employer takes the time to invest in their team and to utilise people like Colin & Claire to come in and show their employees how simple changes can improve their lifestyles”.

Ashling Dudley, The Skeff