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Welcome to Flow Yoga with Siobhan Moylan

Siobhan’s mission is to create a community where students can come together to
explore yoga in a safe, accessible and affordable way.

A little bit from Siobhan

“Hi, I’m Siobhan Moylan. I first came to yoga in 2001 following a fairly traumatic car accident which left me with permanent lung damage.

In the beginning I wanted to improve my lung capacity and maybe tone up my body a bit! I was really surprised at how difficult yoga was for me in the beginning.


I was very tight and unfit and not very flexible! And I hated Savasana. That few minutes at the end of the class I dreaded most.

A quiet time for the mind to race, a time when I could be doing something more productive.

Thankfully the changes came quite quickly. The lung capacity improved dramatically (I haven’t had a chest infection in 18 years!) I got fitter and stronger.

But mentally was where the change really happened. I began to notice that I was becoming less stressed, calmer, more in control of my emotions. And one day I noticed that I was no longer dreading Savasana!

I was looking forward to that little time at the end of the class where I could just let go, soften and surrender.

In 2012, I was blessed when my yoga teachers Dave and Laragh Cunningham offered yoga teacher training.

It was a wonderful teacher training based on the Synergy style of yoga perfected by Simon Borg Oliver and Bianca Machliss.

A style of yoga based on sound and deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology. A style of yoga suitable for everybody.

I am constantly learning both online and attending training courses with other teachers who I respect. There is so much knowledge to gain about yoga, I will always be a student.

“Who dares to teach must never cease to learn” John Cotton Dana”

The diversity of classes on the timetable aims to provide an opportunity for everyone irrespective of age, body type or ability to access the powerful benefits of yoga.

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